Saturday, 13 August 2016

Welcome, One and All!

13th August 2016

Welcome to my new blog! 

I previously had a blog called theknittedcupcake, but after careful consideration I realised there was too much that needed to be fixed and updated. It seemed much better (and easier) to just create a brand new blog and start over! 

So what will this blog be about?

Well, at first I was going to make it another knitting blog, but I realised I have too much to say and too much to share with you all. This blog will be a generic every day (not to say I'll be posting every day!) kinda blog. If you've peeped at my profile, you'll no doubt be aware of all my interests and so I'll be using those as a structure for this blog. Book reviews, knitting patterns, baking ideas, holiday adventures - just some of the things I'll be talking about on here! 

Thank you for everyone who has supported my first blog. It really means a lot. I'm hoping this one will be as well received, but only time will tell!

I've named this blog Sunflowers, Books and Crafts because these are my three favourite things. It felt easier to collate my love of sewing, knitting, baking, painting, and writing under the title of 'crafts'.

So that's about it - intro over! Thanks for reading and please don't forget to subscribe! 

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