Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How I Keep Organised

Wednesday 20th September

I work between 30-35 hours a week at my job as a teaching assistant at a secondary school, and I still find time for running a blog and a vlog simultaneously, writing and planning two novels, reading, knitting, and going to the gym whilst enjoying a fulfilling social life and having adventures. So how do I do it?

That's my secret answer. I know it's not exactly a huge revelation; it's kinda old fashioned but it works for me. I get everything written down so I know exactly what I need to do each day, and because I think notebooks and journals are really precious (so precious I have to buy a new notebook for each new project I start). I think once something's written down it's set in stone and you can't change your mind. It also goes back to my love of writing; I will always choose to handwrite something over typing it (except, obviously, my blog!)

My diary:

My diary is just a £10 one from WHSmith and it's amazing. It's one that has a day per page and it fits everything I need in it. I tried bullet journalling but it was too much effort to draw everything out when I can just use a diary that has everything already set out. On my diary page, I have my lessons for the day, any social activities, the name of my blog post (if it's blog day), and then my gym workout. I also tend to staple/clip things into my diary, and I've decorated the edges with washi tape to make it look nicer.

These are typical diary pages:

Typical week:

My week looks like this:

Monday - Friday: Work
Wednesday & Sunday: Blog
Friday: Vlog
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Gym

Everything in the diary is colour coded and/or highlighted:

(I am so much like Monica Geller, it's unbelievable).

I've upped my blog days from just Sundays to Sundays and Wednesdays because I planned all my blog posts for every Sunday until August 2018 and I realised I had so much I wanted to write about. It's going to be a mixture of general lifestyle posts and getting to know me as well as knitting tutorials, Q&As, guest posts, and giveaways. I'm looking to do one giveaway a month (retweets to win) where the winner will get a book, 1-2 Q&As a month, and a guest post. 

Fridays are vlog days, but I can't always guarantee they'll be up by 8pm. (If you have me on Snapchat you'll be familiar with my Friday night freakouts as I try to understand modern technology). My vlogs are usually about my adventures, but there will also be some baking videos and knitting tutorials. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and drop me a comment when you've done so and I can subscribe back.

My gym days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I've made myself an intense 10-week training programme focusing on building my upper body strength. I have really strong leg muscles but weak upper body strength. I do also need to work on my cardio as well, but building up my muscles is definitely more of a priority. 

Writing is a huge part of my life and I doubt that will ever change. Finding time to write can be a challenge, especially as I have a hectic job that usually requires all my patience and brain power. I usually have a cup of tea as soon as I get in and after about an hour I'm ready to write. I have a funny feeling I may have to dedicate a day to do my writing (either my blog or my novel or both) or else I won't be able to maintain two blog days or keep on target for my novel writing!

Reading is the only way I know how to relax before I go to sleep. It might be just a page, or it could be a few chapters, but no matter what I always read before bed, usually accompanied by a cup of tea. A cup of tea is a perfect way to end my day; it doesn't matter what time I get home, I will always stay up to have that last cup of tea and to read that last chapter before I can't possibly keep my eyes open any longer.

Knitting is one of those things I do while watching a film or a TV show on Netflix; I find it impossible to just watch something so I have to keep myself busy. Knitting is the perfect activity to do while watching a film/TV show because it's calming, easy, and it keeps me occupied. I've been knitting for about 5 years now, and I've become skilled enough I can knit without looking, or knit whilst watching a film or reading a book or sometimes both! 

Social life:
As for my social life, I like to keep my weekends for one day of adventures/activities and one day for relaxing. I usually like to plan a day out on Saturday, leaving my Sundays free to relax before another week at work. I usually like to go to London for adventures as London is my happy place, and there are always new places to explore. My favourite place to explore in London is Greenwich; it's the most beautiful part of London. 

I'm not one of those people who can just sit around and do nothing. I have to keep busy but I also need to allow myself time to relax and unwind. It's taken a while to get organised and into a routine, so I'm beyond happy I finally got here!

What are some of the ways you keep organised? Any tips you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments! 


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  1. Your diary is so cute and well maintained, I love it! I wish I was as organised :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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