Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Month

Wednesday 27th September

September, to most people, is just another month in the year, but for those of us who work in education, September is the start of a new academic year. It's a busy month where everyone is just trying to adjust to being back at work after a 6-week vacation for the summer holidays. This year I got a new class and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster trying to adjust while getting to know my new class. I am quite drained of energy when I get home, but I didn't want to look back over this month as being stressful and energy-draining. I wanted to look back over September as a happy month, full of amazing memories I'll treasure for years to come.

1) Going to a Star Wars exhibition:
As a "massive Star Wars nerd," as I have been dubbed as at work, it was incredible to see the costumes and the props up close. The detail that went into designing everything in the movies is
beyond fascinating. I always wondered what happened to props, costumes, and concept art after the movies have finished, and I'm glad exhibitions such as these open because it gives the fans a chance to get up close and personal behind the scenes of the movies.

2) I finished knitting my first cable knit scarf: 
I've been wanting to knit a cable knit scarf since I first learnt to knit about five years ago, but I've struggled to find a pattern I liked. I fell in love with a knitting pattern in a book that's been collecting dust for years. I've had loads of compliments on my scarf, and all I need now is for it to be cold enough so I can rock it!

3) I got my blog back up and running:
I started my blog over a year ago and I let it slip because I struggled to find the motivation to write. I just sat down one day and planned all my blog posts from now until August 2018, and I've even upped my blog days from one day a week to two days a week! I can't wait for October and December; I've got loads of themed posts to write, including my favourite Halloween movies, the best Christmas recipes, and autumnal fashion.

4) I started a YouTube channel:

I had a channel about four years ago but it wasn't brilliant, and after I booked tickets to the Star Wars exhibition I had a sudden inspiration to start a YouTube channel. When I went to the Star Wars exhibition I filmed my entire day and once I'd edited it into a vlog, I was so proud of what I had made. Having my first vlog about a day to London was the perfect way to start my channel because London is my favourite city in the whole world. I'm now about three videos on and I've had nothing but positive feedback which has made me so happy!

5) Movie night in with Toni:
We had a really lovely night in one Saturday during the middle of September where we watched Moana, ate snacks, and Toni did my nails (Nails by Toni Marie Instagram / Nails by Toni Marie facebook). After not seeing each other properly during the summer holidays it was lovely to spend some time together doing what we love; laying in bed, eating food, and watching a Disney movie. A brilliant night ended with Toni driving me home in our Harry Potter PJs!

6) Wonder Woman novel:
Leigh Bardugo's novel Warbringer has been in my sights for months since it was announced, and I squealed with excitement when I finally received my copy; limited edition and signed! Wonder Woman is my favourite superhero and thanks to Gal Gadot's amazing portrayal of her, she's been reborn into the 21st century as a badass, compassionate, superhero, who fell in love with a guy who is literally boyfriend goals (if someone finds me a Steve Trevor you will be rewarded generously).

7) I got to catch up with my work besties:
I hadn't seen Emily and Toni together properly since before the start of the summer,
and the other day we stayed behind after work to have our nails done, a cup of tea, and a long, overdue catch-up.

8) I went to the Royal Observatory:
I've wanted to go to the Observatory for years and I was so excited when I finally went. I stood on the Meridian line, I saw the Camera Obscura, and I saw an incredible show about solar superstorms at the London Planetarium (it was narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, which was amazing). After studying at Greenwich for three years I never went to the Observatory or any of the other tourist attractions in Greenwich. Greenwich is my favourite part of London, and I've been back there twice this month which was wonderful.

9) Seeing IT and pranking each other:
Toni, Emily, and I went to see IT the other weekend, which resulted in a couple of days of pranking each other.
The movie itself was amazing, I actually preferred it to the original, purely because the way they filmed; the film focused on the characters as children. This allowed enough tension and horror to keep you interested and gave way to a promising sequel when the characters return to Derry as adults.
The next day at work Emily distracted me so Toni could put a red balloon in the cupboard in my classroom; she only stapled it to the shelf which made me want to get even. When I get even, I go much harder! I found some invisible string in my bedroom and I went into school earlier so I could attach the string to the balloon and then attached it to the threshold of the science cupboard. It looked like it was floating, and it got a brilliant reaction from Toni (she was terrified!) Nice try, T!

10) Getting a video of my Pops talking about his life:
My Nanny came over and gave us a copy of an interview my great granddad (Pops) did about fifteen years ago, and it was emotional, to say the least. I hadn't heard my Pops' voice in years, and it was just as I'd remembered. Listening to my Pops talking about his life was fascinating; I had no idea about half the experiences my Pops had lived through, and it was interesting to hear all about his life. I learnt some things I didn't know about him, and even though he's not with us anymore, I felt like it brought me closer to him.

Doing this list has made me realise September hasn't been a completely stressful month, and it's made me realise how often I focus on the negatives rather than the positives. I have had a good month, and it's made me excited for what October has to bring!

How has your September been?

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