Wednesday, 25 October 2017

A Photo Every Hour

Wednesday 25th October

A photo every hour is a blog post idea I've wanted to do for a while. Blog days are Sundays and Wednesdays and as I rarely do anything on a Sunday it would be a boring post. Equally Wednesdays are usually when I'm working and there's no way I could take a photo every hour at work! I picked this post on the perfect day; I've been travelling up to Bath!

Photos start from 6:30am and go on until 6:30pm. Enjoy!

Time for a week away with my lovely auntie to do some writing; we've hauled up in a beautiful apartment and we're not coming out until we've written a sufficient amount!

Just woken up, struggling to function, what is life at this hour.

On my way to the train station to catch the 7:53am train. Still not functioning or properly awake.

Been on the train for 35 minutes and already extremely bored. Travelling alone with grumpy commuters next to you provides little entertainment.

Carluccio's breakfast! A must before any journey is to devour a full English breakfast; it's basically the law.

On the tube to Paddington! I love being that annoying **** with a suitcase on the tube. I do not, however, enjoy being stuck behind someone with a suitcase on the tube.

At Paddington Station; getting ready to jump on the train and sit in our seats! Last time I was here I saw Steven Moffat, but there were no famous people there today.

On the train! An hour and a half going backwards on a train. I did very well and only annoyed my fellow commuters a tiny bit with my singing.

Arriving at Bath - the view from our flat. Such a gorgeous view, can't wait to be inspired by it!

Off for a wander into town, this is me; woman on a mission!

Bookshop stop! Well, where else would I stop in Bath first?

On the tour bus. I may have gotten slightly giggly over the tour guide saying "penetrate" "spraying techniques" and "low flying balls". We may also have done the tour twice because we were too busy talking/laughing at "low flying balls"

Walking along by Pulteney Bridge to go food shopping from Waitrose. We bought the essentials such as milk, bacon, eggs, popcorn, champagne truffles etc. Standard lower class food.

Celebrating a successful day by devouring GBK and a glass of wine! Beef burger with sweet potato fries and baconnaise on the side; beautiful!

All settled into our beautiful flat, can't wait to spend the next few days writing my first novel - eeek!

Zj x

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