Sunday, 1 October 2017


Sunday 1st October

It's finally autumn, aka, the best season of the year! Here's a list of what I love most about autumn:

1. The fashion:
My wardrobe is full of ankle boots, jumpers, and knitted accessories; I love being all snug! I practically live in jeans, jumpers, and boots until it is far too hot to survive a day wearing all the layers. Every time the sun comes out in the spring/summer I cry a little inside as I realise I can't wear jumpers or boots unless I want to overheat. I've got a huge collection of jumpers and cardigans I love living in and I can't wait to wear them.

2. Reading:
Autumn is the time of year where all I want to do is to snuggle up in bed with a blanket, cup of tea, and a good book. There are loads of excellent books to read in the autumn, and these long, chilly evenings give us the perfect excuse to blow off any plans we might have and delve into a good book. I'm currently compiling a list of books to read in autumn, so look out for it!

3. The weather:
My favourite weather is when it's bright sunshine but it's freezing cold, with the added bonus of a mist. This comes from that scene in Pride and Prejudice when Mr Darcy is walking across the field towards Lizzie and the weather is sunny but cold with a glorious mist. That's the weather I love! I also adore the snow, but I don't like being out when it's snowing. I like it after it's snowed! Weirdly enough, I'm one of those people who love being in the rain. Obviously, I don't like it when I'm caught in the rain unprepared and I get soaked, but I like being wrapped up and under an umbrella going for a walk in the rain.

4. Themed drinks:
Coffee shops are amazing during autumn/winter for their menus! Gingerbread, toffee, mint chocolate, all these glorious flavours that appear during these two seasons. Going into a coffee shop after being out in the cold and getting yourself a gingerbread latte is one of my little pick-me-ups. I'm also a sucker for a pumpkin spiced latte!

5. Halloween:
Not only do I adore dressing up, but everything about Halloween is wonderful. Halloween parties, trick or treating (I don't think it's begging and I don't want to debate this!), Halloween films, and Halloween special episodes. Brooklyn 99 always do an amazing Halloween episode (every time I type Halloween, I'm doing it in the voice of Captain Holt on board the party bus in S2!). Last year I dressed up as a pirate; I need to start thinking of what I'll dress as this year! I'd love to dress up as Wonder Woman, but so far I haven't got any party plans.

6. Firework night:
I haven't been to a firework display in years and I am determined to go to one this year. Playing with sparklers is good fun, and for me, there's something quite romantic about a firework display.

7. Wrapping up warm:
This is similar to jumpers and boots, but for this, I'm talking about a number of layers I can put on my bed. I sleep with about 7 layers (not in summer when it's boiling hot, mind!); I've got a huge kingsize knitted blanket (that I made), a fluffy pink blanket, two patchwork quilts (made by me!), my duvet, and then two throws. My bed is really cosy in the autumn/winter and I'm waiting for that first chilly night so I can have all my layers back on the bed!

8. Pumpkins:
Pumpkin carving is a brilliant autumnal activity, and this year I'll be going one better; Emily and I are going pumpkin picking at a local farm! Once I've got my pumpkin and I've carved it, I'll be using the pumpkin insides in some of my autumnal treats. 

What to look out for this month in my blog:

- My autumn wardrobe
- Books to read this autumn
- October giveaways
- Pumpkins; what to make once you've carved it!
- Autumnal knitting
- Halloween favourites

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